Goodyear launches new range of Eagle F1 and Asymetric tyres

PETALING JAYA: Goodyear Malaysia has recently unveiled its latest addition to the Eagle F1 family, the SuperSport RS, SuperSport R, SuperSport, Asymmetric 5 and the Asymmetric 3 SUV.

The launch in Malaysia comes after Goodyear’s recent sponsorship of three participating teams in the World Endurance Championship also known as Le Mans, Jota Sport, Jackie Chan DC Racing and High Class Racing.

The Eagle F1 SuperSport was developed for better grip and handling on the road. Through the usage of an innovative U-shaped compound, the Eagle F1 SuperSport Series has specialised power zones which creates pockets of control for superior wet and dry handling.


The Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 offers luxurious comfort and superior wet braking. The specialised thread design and Impulse Control Compound Technology, a highly refined silica compound, allow the tyre to endure the force of high-speed braking, shortening the braking distance.

For larger cars and SUVs, the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 SUV is designed to be sturdy while promoting better fuel consumption due to its low rolling resistance.

It is also capable of shortening braking distance through ActiveBraking Technology, in any condition.

"We continue to innovate to bring cutting-edge technology and differentiated features to our tyres. The most important aspect is that motorsports allows us to test our capabilities and push our limits so that we can eventually achieve excellent technology transfer and utilise development experience from the tracks to the road,” said Managing Director of Goodyear Malaysia, Alex Ng.

In addition to this series, Goodyear will be announcing a brand new tyre in 2020.

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