Goodyear rolls out Wrangler Boulder MT for offroad adventures

MELBOURNE: Goodyear has unveiled the latest addition to its robust lineup of 4x4 tyres – the Goodyear Wrangler Boulder MT.

Designed with Goodyear’s signature three-ply Duraply Technology, the Wrangler Boulder MT boasts durability and protection against sidewall and tread damage.

This resilience is crucial when navigating over sharp rocks and rugged terrains, especially in conditions where the tyre is aired down to enhance grip, placing additional stress on the sidewalls.

What sets the Boulder MT apart are its large tread blocks, equipped with TractiveGroove Technology, ensuring high grip and keeping the vehicle moving in the toughest off-path conditions.

The tyre’s built-in stone ejectors and open tread design play a key role in maintaining traction by clearing trapped stones, particularly when scaling loose, shaly rocks.

Besides the functional aspects, the Wrangler Boulder MT's aggressive shoulder design also gives it a formidable look.

“Serious off-road adventures require a tyre that's tough enough to withstand rugged terrain, without sacrificing handling or performance. Our customers seek excitement and want to explore the outdoors without limitations," said Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres ANZ sales and marketing director Jeremy Hill.

"The Goodyear Wrangler Boulder MT delivers on this promise, offering an exhilarating off-road experience.”
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