Google adding Chrome browser to screens in cars

LAS VEGAS: Google wants drivers and passengers in cars be able to use Chrome in cars with a new feature that brings the tech giant's browser onto car screens.

Chrome will only be available for vehicles in which Google's software is installed directly in the car and can only be used when the car is parked or stopped at a traffic light.

Chrome is first launching in vehicles from Volvo and the electric brand Polestar, Google announced at the annual CES tech fair, taking place January 9-12 in Las Vegas.

Google imagines you will be using the browser to "do a little shopping or access your saved bookmarks to keep you busy while parked," especially in situations where you need to wait in the car.

In cars with "Google built-in", it will also be possible to transfer route planning from the Google Maps app on smartphones directly into the car system.

For users who connect their smartphone with the Google Android operating system in the car, it will soon also be possible to share the current range of an electric car's battery with Google Maps.

This will make it possible to plan any necessary stops for recharging during navigation. This function will initially be available in two of Ford's electric models.

Google says it is also expanding the availability of digital car keys to Volvo, with more brands to follow soon. This feature lets a person unlock, lock and start a car with an Android phone.

The feature, which has a similar counterpart on Apple's iPhones, not only removes the need for physical keys, but also makes it easier to share a car with other people who want to drive it, since the ability to unlock the car can be remotely handed out and removed to specific people.
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