GWM Ora Lightning Cat rolls out with emphasis on safety

BAODING (China): Great Wall Motor sub-brand Ora has launched a pure electric model called Lightning Cat in China.

Ora highlighted the safety enhancements in the new model at its Oct 31 launch, saying Lightning Cat adopts a cage-like car structure to achieve high safety.

Its body is made of high-strength steel. The advanced hot-stamped steel with a maximum strength of 2,000 MPa was adopted for the model's A/B pillars. All these ensure the safety of the vehicle and occupants in case of a crash.

Ora said the battery would not posed a danger in case of an accident as the model had passed 4 special Catarc (China Automotive Technology & Research Centre) safety tests for batteries subjected to extreme conditions. Ora said the battery is not vulnerable to fire or explosion caused by pin-prick, fire, and other tests aimed at compromising it.

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The new model had also received Catarc's top safety "Collision Challenge Certificate".

Various intelligent functions of driving assistance, which were turned off in the test, are also highlights of the Ora Lightning Cat. It is equipped with Ora-PILOT 3.0 intelligent driving assistance system, which can smartly identify vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, and others through its cameras and radars.

In case the car is too close to obstacles, the system can automatically trigger an alarm and take emergency measures to reduce the risk.

The design of its exterior, power system, and other attractive features were also displayed at the launch event.

The four-door fastback sedan features pop-out door handles and frameless windows.


With a streamlined aesthetic design, the model boasts an ultra-low drag coefficient of 0.22Cd. It is equipped with an adaptive electric rear spoiler, which automatically unfolds when the speed is above 70kph to quickly separate the rear airflow.

Unveiled at the Paris Motor Show 2022 recently, the Lightning Cat is sold in four versions in the Chinese market, including one with dual electric motors and a four-wheel-drive system, which offers a maximum power of 300kW/402hp and a maximum torque of 680Nm.

It is priced in China from 189,800 – 269,800 yuan (up to RM176,000) after subsidies .
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