Harlequin paint set for a VW comeback

By CARSIFU | 1 April 2024

LONDON: The Harlequin paint made famous in the 1990s with the Volkswagen Polo looks set for a super-dupe-r return with the ID.3 – but this time with a flashy twist.

Volkswagen is proud to present the Electroluminescent ID.3 Harlequin Edition.

The Polo Harlequin was an unforgettable special-edition model Volkswagen produced in the mid-1990s.

Each car was built using a mixture of green, yellow, red and blue panels – reminiscent of the multi-coloured, sometimes foolish harlequin comedy theatre characters from days of olde – and customers remained in the dark as to their cars’ precise colour combinations until they collected them.

The mischievous paint design is set to return this April for the Volkswagen ID.3 – but this time with a trick up its sleeve: the car will have electroluminescent paint similar to the ID.7 concept that Volkswagen unveiled early in 2023.

The ID.3 Harlequin’s panels will light up and pulse in response to beats from the car’s sound system and integrate with the new ChatGPT functionality being rolled out across the Volkswagen range.

The limited-edition ID.3 Harlequin is available from April 1; designs can be viewed on Volkswagen’s online configurator using the code "JEST 1".

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