Honda launches CB-F concept bike online

TOKYO: Honda has launched its CB-F concept bike online.

Initially, the bike was supposed to make an appearance at the 36th Osaka Motorcycle Show 2020 and the 47th Tokyo Motorcycle Show. Both shows were cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The CB-F concept is a fusion of advanced technology with a design paying homage to the CB900F(CB750F in Japan) - a Japanese global bike which became an icon in the past 60 years in part through the North American racing scene.

Honda CB-F Concept (2020) - 02

The concept uses a 998cc water-cooled, four-stroke, four-valve, inline four-cylinder DOHC engine which is housed in a lightweight chassis made of high-tensile steel with a mono-backbone.

The suspension is made of a front inverted front fork while the rear uses a lightweight aluminium single-sided Pro-Arm.
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