Honda launches new dog-first technology, PAW-S

By CARSIFU | 1 April 2024

LONDON: Honda has launched a state-of-the-art, dog-first technology, PAW-S, (PAW-sensor), for our beloved furry friends.

This ground-breaking, vehicle entry activation system allows your dog to access the car boot, and a plethora of canine-friendly amenities, without owner intervention.

Honda’s Pet Activated Wireless System, or PAW-S, is exclusively available in all new e:Ny1 models ordered from April 1. It can also be retrofitted to existing models at local retailers across the country.

A bespoke PAW-S tag, available in vehicle complementary colours such as Black Pearl and Aqua Topaz, will automatically open your locked car boot when it senses your dog approaching the car.

To ensure no mishaps while driving, once your dog is in the car, the door will close and cannot be opened from the inside. Smart technology ensures that your dog is safely secured in the boot.


PAW-S was designed for dogs, by dogs. Honda’s pet product team surveyed more than 300 dogs, across 52 different breeds, to find out what makes them wag. This insight was used to create a first of its kind, nose-activated infotreatment system. Features include:

> Fully functional sat nav, with alerts for nearby parks and woodland areas.
> A contact list of their canine pals for impromptu playdates.
> Sophisticated climate control for maximum canine comfort.
> Engaging, interactive video footage of birds and fish in their natural habitats.
> Walkie-talkie feature for easy communication with the front seat driver.

For drivers looking to press pause on barking, whining, and scratching in the back of the car, Honda’s PAW-S technology combines safety and entertainment to make drives more enjoyable for everyone – whether you’re travelling four miles or 400 miles, with a Chihuahua or a Great Dane.

Honda has more to say but we will stop here.

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