Hot Rocket Racing Club hosts charity gokart racing workshop

KUALA LUMPUR: Hot Rocket Racing Club, Malaysia’s fastest-growing motorsports community, recently collaborated with Great Vision Charity Association to host a charity event for a group of underprivileged boys.

The event aimed to introduce these boys to the world of racing and provide them with an educational and engaging experience.

Paul Quek, who organized the event, shared his own experience as a beneficiary of Great Vision Charity Association. "Growing up, I was fortunate to have the support of caretakers who provided me with enriching experiences. I wanted to give back to the community by sharing my passion for racing with these boys and providing them with an opportunity to explore their potential,” said Paul Quek.

The workshop was held at Pinnacle Gokart Circuit in Subang, a renowned training ground for aspiring racers. The 1000-meter track, featuring smooth corners, varying track elevations, and long high-speed straights, provided the perfect setting for the boys to experience the thrill of go-karting.

The track was equipped with industry-standard Sodi RT10 karts from France, offering a thrilling ride for both seasoned and amateur drivers.

The program began with a ‘Trackwalk’, where the coach guided the boys along the track, identifying racing lines, braking points, and essential car control techniques. Following the Trackwalk, the boys participated in a ‘Grand Prix’ race format, consisting of:

● R1: 10 minutes – Warm-up
● R2: 10 minutes – Qualifying
● R3: 10 minutes – Race!

Photo 2 Terry Kuan (middle) with the kids and volunteers (Custom)

The warm-up and qualifying rounds allowed each driver to determine their fastest lap time, which in turn determined their starting position on the grid. Between rounds, the boys engaged in Q&A sessions with the coach, gaining valuable insights and addressing any challenges they faced on track.

The race commenced with the boys fiercely competing for position, leaving large gaps between themselves with each passing lap.

Some pushed the limits, taking corners too fast and experiencing spins, while others maintained a steady pace, navigating the track with finesse. As the checkered flag waved, the winner proudly crossed the finish line, claiming victory.

The event concluded with a prize ceremony and photo session, commemorating the boys’ first steps into the world of motorsports. The eager young racers left the event eager for more, their passion for motorsports ignited.

“It was truly heartwarming to witness the excitement and enthusiasm of the boys as they experienced the thrill of go-karting. We are committed to providing opportunities for young people from all backgrounds to discover their passion for motorsport,” said Terry, founder of Hot Rocket Racing Club.

The workshop not only provided the boys with an unforgettable experience but also instilled in them valuable life skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and resilience.

Hot Rocket Racing Club and Great Vision Charity Association are committed to continuing to provide such opportunities for underprivileged youth, empowering them to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential.

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