HyperloopTT relocates to Italy to continue high-speed travel tests

By CARSIFU | 26 February 2024

VENICE: Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT) on Friday announced it is relocating from Toulouse, France, to Veneto, Italy.

The Italian location offers a larger test site to meet the ambitious goals of hyperloop certification.

The dismantling of the Toulouse track began in February, with the complete relocation to Italy expected within six months.

HyperloopTT, a pioneer in the hyperloop field, has been pushing the boundaries of travel technology from its research and development hub in Toulouse since 2017.

The move to Italy comes after the company secured the world's first commercial hyperloop system contract in January 2024, setting the stage for the next phase of development.

The new Italian base will not only include offices near Venice but also operations in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin and alongside Hyperloop Italia in Puglia.

Essential components such as capsules, vacuum pumps, and the control centre will be relocated to support the ongoing Hyper Transfer project and future advancements.

In Toulouse, HyperloopTT achieved milestones, including the construction of a 320-metre test track and advancements in vacuum technology, magnetic levitation, and propulsion control.