Hyundai adds sporty Ioniq 5 N Line in 2024 updates

SEOUL: Hyundai has introduced a new variant of the Ioniq 5 as part of updates made to the model.

The Ioniq 5 N Line is a sporty variant that will be positioned between the upgraded base model and the high-performance Ioniq 5 N.

The N Line variant is expected to meet increased demand for sporty styling, appealing to customers who seek a dynamic driving experience. It boasts a more aggressive, sporty front and rear design with unique bumpers, stylish side skirts, and a set of dedicated 20-inch aluminum wheels, to emphasise the model’s sporty appearance.

The cabin also has an N Line exclusive design with a dedicated N Line steering wheel and dashboard, N Line exclusive metal pedals, black headliner, dedicated sport seats with the N logo, red contrast stitching and two seat covering options, creating an immersive, dynamic driving environment.

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The introduction of the N Line variant and model enhancements are aimed at bolstering the vehicle's competitiveness.

The upgraded Ioniq 5 boasts a notable increase in battery capacity, now reaching 84.0kWh compared to the previous 77.4 kWh, resulting in a considerable extension of its all-electric range.

Exterior modifications include refined styling elements such as a sleek V-shape garnish and redesigned front and rear bumpers, emphasising the vehicle's robust SUV stance.

The Ioniq 5's length increased by 20 mm to 4,655 mm while the other external dimensions — width of 1,890 mm, height of 1,605 mm and wheelbase of 3,000 mm — remain unchanged.

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Aerodynamic enhancements, including an elongated rear spoiler and new aerodynamic wheels, contribute to both the vehicle's aesthetic appeal and improved performance.

Like the Ioniq 5 N, the Ioniq now gets a rear wiper.

Inside, the cabin has been fine-tuned for enhanced usability and convenience, with the introduction of physical buttons for frequently used functions and optimized control arrangements.

The integration of advanced technologies, such as the connected car Navigation Cockpit (ccNC) and wireless Over-The-Air (OTA) software updates, further elevates the Ioniq 5's appeal, promising an up-to-date and immersive driving experience.

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Safety features have also been augmented, with additions like Hands-On Detection (HOD) steering wheel and Lane Keeping Assist 2, reinforcing the vehicle's commitment to providing a secure driving environment.

Hyundai is rolling out the upgraded Ioniq 5 and the new N Line variant for Korean customers starting March 2024, with a gradual global release scheduled throughout the year.

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