Hyundai showcases robot-powered EV plant in Singapore

(from second left) Jaehoon Chang, CEO of Hyundai Motor Company; Hoon Choi, Ambassador of Korea to Singapore; Euisun Chung, Executive Chair of Hyundai Motor Group; Dukgeun Ahn, Minister for Trade, Korea; Lawrence Wong, Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore; Png Cheong Boon, Chairman of Singapore EDB (PRNewsfoto/Hyundai Motor Group)

SINGAPORE: Hyundai Motor Group has opened the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Singapore (HMGICS) to accelerate the delivery of its human-centric future mobility vision.

The facility introduces a highly automated, flexible production system and provides new ways for electric vehicle (EV) buyers to interact with their vehicles and the Hyundai brand.

HMGICS will establish itself as one of two innovation pillars leading the company's future in the electrification era over the next 50 years - the first being a new EV plant in Ulsan, South Korea.

The seven-storey, 86,900 m2 facility here has the capacity to make up to 30,000 EVs per annum and will serve as a testbed for developing future mobility solutions, including Purpose Built Vehicles (PBVs).

Operational since early 2023, HMGICS already produces Ioniq 5 and the fully autonomous Ioniq 5 robotaxi and will add Ioniq 6 to its portfolio of models built on-site next year.

The facility is designed to revolutionise how EVs and other forms of smart mobility solutions are delivered, with 50% of tasks carried out by 200 robots.

The facility operates as a digital twin Meta-Factory, synchronising the virtual and physical worlds in real time, allowing humans and robots to cooperate in new ways.


Hyundai Motor Company (HMGICS) has integrated its compact facility into urban areas with limited space, using robotics, AI, and IoT to create a human-centric manufacturing innovation system.

The hub offers an immersive customer experience through smart urban mobility solutions, redefining the customer journey from interaction to sales, delivery, and ownership.

Customers can customise their vehicle specifications through an order-from-home service, virtual reality tour, and on-site personal "gurus".

The hub also features a Smart Farm, a futuristic solution to enhance Singapore's food production capabilities.


The Smart Farm uses an automated conveyor system and robotics to produce up to nine different crops, which are donated to local communities and featured on the tasting lounge and farm-to-table restaurant.

As an innovation facility centered on R&D, HMGICS serves as a global incubator for Singapore's talents and businesses through its Corporate Lab Program.

Hyundai Motor Group (HMGICS) has opened a new facility in Singapore to nurture local talent in the mobility sector and foster relationships with research institutions and universities.

The facility will create the first tripartite "Corporate Lab" here, accelerating innovations in EVs and smart mobility.


It will also co-develop advanced manufacturing solutions with Singaporean SMEs and establish a renewable hydrogen energy ecosystem with PTC Logistics.

HMGICS will support Singapore's hydrogen initiatives, such as the National Hydrogen Strategy, to achieve 50% hydrogen usage in nationwide power supply by 2050.

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