Hyundai shows how the Nexo works in celebration of Earth Day 2020

LOS ANGELES: In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day (April 22), Hyundai shared how its Nexo fuel-cell sports utility vehicle (SUV) works in a video clip.

The video explains how the SUV's fuel cell stack creates its energy for propulsion compared to battery-electric vehicles.

“We’re very proud of Hyundai’s fuel cell SUVs accumulating well over ten million miles in time for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, 2020,” said Hyundai Motor America chief operating officer Brian Smith.

Smith added that their latest fuel-cell SUV really sets the standard for zero-emissions travel in the US state of California with up to 615km of range and a five-minute refuel time from empty.

Hyundai touts that its fuel-cell SUVs, including both the current model Nexo and previous-generation Tucson Fuel Cell SUV, have accumulated over 16 million miles on Californian roads, all while producing H2O (water) emissions and no negative effects on the environment.
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