IGLA device to foil car theft and carjacking

PUCHONG: Owners of cars such as the Toyota Alphard and Vellfire who are concerned about vehicle theft or car-jacking can check out IGLA which is a digital immobiliser and anti-carjack device for vehicles.

Launched by Pro ICE Sales and Services (M) Sdn Bhd which is based in Puchong, Selangor, the IGLA device works by preventing engine ignition unless a combination code is entered (using the the vehicle's switches or buttons on the dashboard or steering wheel).

"For example, the combination code can be pressing the Volume Up switch and window demister button three times," said Pro ICE general manager Sebastian Tan.

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As for the anti car-jack feature, the IGLA device works by shutting down the vehicle engine after the carjackers have driven at least 300 metres away from the crime scene.

The IGLA device assumes that a carjacking has occured if the driver's door is opened, after engine ignition - like a scenario where the driver is forcefully ejected from the car after starting the engine.

Once the carjacked vehicle has travelled 300 metres, the car's hazard lights will activate and prompt the driver to enter the combination code.

If the combination code is not entered, the car's horn will constantly honk and the engine will shut down once the vehicle speed is below 10kph.

Tan said the IGLA device can be fitted in the majority of Continental, Japanese and Korean cars using the Controller Area Network (CAN bus) system.

"No wires will be cut; we only need to connect to the car's power and CAN bus system. The IGLA device is quite small and is about the size of a car transmitter (remote)," said Tan.

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For those who prefer not to use a combination code, an option is to pair the IGLA device via Bluetooth to a smartphone (the car can only be started near the smartphone).

Meanwhile, a temporary or permanent bypass of the IGLA device can be done when the car needs to be handed over for servicing or maintenance, or to a valet service.

"For example, a temporary bypass can be done by pressing a switch five times. However, the car cannot be driven above 50kph for more than 15 minutes, or else the IGLA device will be re-armed. This is to prevent theft or unauthorised joyrides," said Tan.

The IGLA device uses Russian technology and installation takes an hour.

The recommended retail price is RM3,000 (depending on vehicle) and it comes with a one-year warranty.

For details, call Pro ICE at +603 8075 3888.

Also, visit https://proice.com/igla/
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