Improved Shell Fuelsave Diesel launched in East Malaysia, up to 19km longer per tank

KOTA KINABALU: Motorists in East Malaysia can extend their diesel vehicle journeys by up to 19km longer per tank, with the new and improved Shell FuelSave Diesel.

Seow Lee Ming, general manager of Shell Mobility Malaysia, said, "Shell had established a commitment of “Better By Far” during the launch of Shell FuelSave 95 last year. This has become our mantra to continuously innovate and develop better mobility solutions for our valued customers.”

“With more than a century of experience in fuels innovation, the new diesel formulation demonstrates our ongoing drive to meet the evolving needs of Sabahans and Sarawakians for longer uninterrupted drives per tank, continuing to be your preferred partner on the road.”

"Imagine this: up to an extra 19 km of mileage per tank offering unmatched value on your daily commutes and journeys. Whether you are taking the scenic yet farther route to Mount Kinabalu or running your daily errands, our new Shell FuelSave Diesel gives you extra savings and better mileage with longer uninterrupted drives per tank", she further added.

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Over half a decade of extensive research and testing conducted by 120 scientists has led to the introduction of Shell's most advanced diesel formula to date.

The new and improved Shell FuelSave Diesel offers the following benefits:

· Now lasts up to 19km longer per tank (Based on industry standard and Shell proprietary engine testing. Shell FuelSave Diesel compared with industry standard reference fuel and based on a tank size of 66 litres)

· Deep cleans like never before, removing up to 65% of harmful engine deposits and protecting against future build-up (Based on industry standard and Shell proprietary engine testing.)

· Now with double-action deposit targeting additive that removes harmful deposits and protects engine condition (Based on industry standard and Shell proprietary methods).

East Malaysians now stand a chance to win 19 months of free Shell FuelSave Diesel every week, from 1 June till 15 July 2024.

Customers will get 1x entry for every minimum purchase of RM60 new and improved Shell FuelSave Diesel via the Shell App.

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