Infiniti petrol made better

By CARSIFU | 8 November 2018

PETALING JAYA: Boustead Petroleum Marketing (BHPetrol) has upgraded its Infiniti petrol with the latest generation additive formulation that delivers better performance, higher fuel efficiency and smoother engine running.

Available in both RON95 and RON97 grades, the new revolutionised Infiniti petrols are sold at the same Government announced-prices. The new ‘Infiniti’ petrol has an advanced formulation using the latest generation of additives.

The major elements of the new additive package include a new Friction Modifier, an enhanced Corrosion Inhibitor and superior Deposit Cleaning Agents.  The dosage of the additive is 800ppm (parts per million), which is twice the minimum treat rate recommended by the German additive producer.


It is provided at no extra cost to motorists as a value-added feature to take them further and with a smoother drive.

With the new Friction Modifier, internal friction is further reduced and this means more of the energy can be used to power the vehicle, thereby increasing performance. Lower friction levels also enhance engine efficiency leading to better fuel economy.

A clean engine runs more efficiently but during the combustions process, certain chemical compounds are formed which can deposit on internal engine surfaces.  The Deposit Cleaning Agents in the additive package remove these deposits and if BHPetrol ‘Infiniti’ petrol is used regularly, the engine will maintain its cleanliness to achieve optimum performance.

To help the engine last longer, the enhanced Corrosion Inhibitor provides a layer of protection on metal surfaces. With this protection, corrosion is reduced and the engine will maintain its recommended performance longer.


BHPetrol managing director K.T. Tan said the company had consistently aimed to offer best quality petroleum products to motorists since starting business in 2005.

“Our association with one of the global leaders in fuel additive technology, based in Germany, has enabled us to develop advanced formulations for ‘Infiniti’ petrol that deliver better performance, improved fuel economy and cleaner exhaust emissions.”

“Over the years, in tandem with the advancements in engine technology, we have also improved the formulation of ‘Infiniti’ petrol so as to maintain the high level of performance and fuel efficiency.


“Furthermore, to maximise the benefits to our customers, we enhance our ‘Infiniti’ petrol with 800ppm of additive which is double the minimum treat rate recommended by our additive supplier,” Tan said.

The new revolutionised ‘Infiniti’ petrol is available at all BHPetrol stations, currently numbering 380, of which 275 include a BHPetromart convenience store.


BHPetrol also organised a 3-day road trip, starting today, covering 1,000km from Kuala Lumpur to Hatyai, Thailand for the media and motoring clubs to experience the improved performance and fuel economy.

For details on the new Infiniti petrol and other BHPetrol products, visit the BHPetrol website.