Infiniti ProPilot Assist arrives in China with new 2020 QX50

SHANGHAI: The new 2020 Infiniti QX50 arrives in China with the innovative ProPilot Assist driver assist technology, which combines Lane Keep Assist and Advanced Intelligent Cruise Control to help keep the car centered in its lane and maintain a set distance from the traffic in front.

Developed to support the driver, the hands-on, eyes-on system helps to enhance the driver’s experience behind the wheel, rather than remove them from the equation.

“China is an important growth-market for Infiniti and in 2019, the QX50 was our best-selling vehicle in that market,” said Mike Colleran, corporate vice-president and global chairman of Infiniti Motor Co.

In a continued effort to maintain vigilance against the spread of Covid-19, the 2020 Infiniti QX50 was unveiled via a livestream event hosted by local executives with the support of a celebrity brand ambassador.

Broadcast across several popular social media platforms, at its peak, up to 10 million people across China joined the livestream.

“Anyone that drives on highways or spends time in heavy traffic during their daily commute will appreciate the benefits of ProPilot Assist and arrive feeling less fatigued,” said said Kevin Mao, managing director of Infiniti China.
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