Ipoh council blazes a trail with new road resurfacing method

By THE STAR | 29 September 2023

IPOH: The Ipoh City Council is the first local authority in Perak chosen to implement a new method of road resurfacing.

The other local authority in the country involved in the pilot project is Kuala Lumpur City Hall.

Ipoh mayor Datuk Rumaizi Baharin said the method involves “cup lump modified asphalt” or CMA.

He said CMA is a new road paving method using modified bitumen, with a mixture involving coagulated (or "cup lump") rubber that could improve the quality of resurfacing.

“This technology will help reduce the effects of cracks and rutting, and extend the lifespan of the paved surface.

“In addition, it can also reduce long-term maintenance costs compared to conventional paving methods,” he said in a statement today.

Rumaizi said the rubberised road has several advantages such as higher resistance to heavy vehicle load, extreme weather and fuel pollution, as well as improved paved surface quality.

He said the use of CMA technology could also indirectly reduce greenhouse carbon emission as coagulated rubber reduces the asphalt content in road paving material. (Conversion of petroleum into asphalt is said to release gases into the atmosphere.)

“The city council received a RM5mil allocation for road repairs and resurfacing works for... a 9.5km stretch involving part of the Tasek Industrial Area, IGB Industrial Area, part of Jalan Bendahara and the main road at Station 18.

“The works are expected to start in the middle of October, and should be completed between four and six weeks,” he added.