Italian-Swiss electric bubble car Microlino gets power upgrade

ZURICH: The cute Swiss-made Microlino EV, which was inspired by the BMW Isetta bubble car from the 1950s, is now faster than the petrol-powered original and has a new 15 kWh battery option for improved range.

The two-seater is classed as a motorcycle and the 15 kWh battery now available gives it a range of up to 228km in line with the World Motorcycle Test Cycle (WMTC).

The Microlino's design attracts more attention than a Lamborghini since, just like in the 1950s, the door is hinged at the front, allowing direct access to the bench seat. For more stability it has two wheels at the rear rather than the Isetta's single rim.


The original BMW Isetta had 12.5hp and could manage 85kph.

The top-line Microlino can top 90kph and uses an average of around seven kilowatt hours per 100km. Prices start at €22,490 (RM115,000), with the first uprated vehicles set to be delivered in September.

The Microlino was first shown at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show and went into production in Italy in 2022 after the makers ironed out a number of teething troubles.

With a length of 2.52 metres, a width of 1.47 metres and a height of 1.50 metres, the Microlino is very compact and fits into the tightest of parking spaces. It offers limited luggage room for small suitcases or up to three crates of drinks in the 230-litre boot.

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