Italy stops sending speed camera photos to protect people's privacy

ROME: The Italian transportation authorities are going to stop sending out speed camera photos in order to protect people's privacy, according to a Transport Ministry decree issued on Saturday.

Instead, the decree says car and motorcycle offenders who have been speeding are only to be sent a fine notices to their homes.

The authorities will retain the photos take by automatic cameras that show people's faces and will only use the images if people lodge an objection to a fine.

The regulation also applies to foreign holidaymakers who are caught by speed cameras while using Italian roads.

The decree has already been approved by Italy's data protection authority, newspaper Corriere della Sera reported.

In Italy - as in other countries - there have been repeated occurrences when traffic offenders ran into difficulties after speed camera photos showed they were in the car with other people who were not expected to be travelling with them.

The issue has even broken up some marriages according to reports.

Italy has more than 11,000 speed cameras - more than any other European country.
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