iXOOST motor-themed audio systems officially enters Malaysia

PETALING JAYA: Italian manufacturer of premium motor-themed audio systems - iXOOST (pronounced like exhaust), has officially arrived in Malaysia.

Currently being distributed solely by VSTECS Astar Sdn Bhd, the handcrafted audio systems can be viewed from December onwards at Hoe Huat Electric Sdn Bhd - Lots F-01 to F-03 on the first floor of Encorp Strand Mall.

These audio systems hail from Italy's motor valley of Modena where well-known automotive brands are located in or around the area including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati, De Tomaso, Pagani and Maserati among others.

From today onwards, the full range of these audio systems are available as a configure-to-order for customers to enjoy a bespoked experience.

Due to the custom nature of each order, a lead time of three to four months must be expected for these hand-crafted pieces of motoring artworks to be completed.

Prices will vary according to the individual model which starts from RM80,000 to RM240,000.

IXOOST - 04 XiLo (Custom)

Each bespoked audio system that's handbuilt in Modena, Italy, boasts of utilising the same materials employed by the same brands born in the Italian Motor Valley.

Some of the audio systems showcased during the launch included the XiLo which features a monocoque chassis in wood and aluminium that's complemented by a hand-made exhaust manifold.

Power for the XiLo comes from two 100W and a single 200W amplifier where users can stream music files via the Bluetooth aptX technology which converts sound immediately to reproduce the audio as it was originally conceived.

Entertaining a request from Germany's Mercedes-AMG brought about the AMG Performance Luxury Audio system.

This system pays tribute to the AMG GT Black Series and is the only hi-fi system in the world to bear the AMG brand while sporting a combination of carbon fibre monocoque complemented by aluminium for the Panamerican grille.

The dual dynamic woofers contained within for bass are "piped" out through its sides via the AMG GT exhaust tips while four tweeters and two bass reflexes help to provide that 360-degree sound experience.

IXOOST - 06 AMG Performance Luxury Audio (Custom)

The Esavox Automobili Lamborghini is a high-end sound system created from the original Lamborghini exhaust system and features a carbon fibre monocoque chassis, a passive vibration damping system and a high-sensitivity 10-inch subwoofer - all powered by three 400W amplifiers integrated with Bluetooth 5.0 Apt-X technology.

The Esavox is available in some of the Raging Bull's most iconic colour combinations of Green Gea, Grey Keres Matte, Orange Anthaeus, Red Epona, Blue Uranus and White Siderale.

Last, but not least, is the Avalan Automobili Lamborghini that's been encased within a forged carbon fibre shell while sporting a front hexagonal grille. The case can also be had in carbon fibre.

It uses the original exhaust system from the Lamborghini Huracan Technica to trumpet out your preferred audio file via two 5.0-inch drivers positioned on the side of the cabinet for a stereo effect.

Two one-inch tweeters are charged with reproducing the details of music while each of the four speaker drivers is powered by 80-watt Class D amplifiers to allow for an immersive experience.

IXOOST - 10 AMG Performance Luxury Audio (Custom)

Other hi-fi products not presented during the launch include the Pirelli P Zero Sound, Radial 6, Bluetooth Speaker Helmets, Kubo Abarth 595 and Kubo Abarth 695.

"As a leading distribution hub for information and communication technology products in Malaysia, we are thrilled to offer Malaysians innovative and opulent audio systems that will redefine their auditory experience," said VSTECS Astar CEO Soong Jan Hsung during the launch.

Soong added that this venture into a special market is much more than just a distribution before stating that "this is where luxury, technology and automotive passion converge."

"Malaysia's dynamic market and its appreciation for luxury and innovation make it an ideal destination for iXOOST," said company founder Giovanni Panini.

Panini further admitted he was proud to be sharing the "rich tapestry of Italian craftsmanship" and his country's racing heritage here in Malaysia.

IXOOST - 03 XiLo (Custom)
IXOOST - 17 Esavox Automobili Lamborghini (Custom)
IXOOST - 21 Avalan (Custom)
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