JAECOO J7 premium SUV to enter Malaysia in 2024

KUALA LUMPUR: The JAECOO J7 premium SUV (sport utility vehicle) is expected to hit the Malaysian market in 2024.

The J7, billed as a durable and versatile off-road vehicle, is said to embody JAECOO's brand philosophy of "From Classic, Beyond Classic," blending traditional automotive excellence with contemporary innovation.

JAECOO, a premium urban off-road SUV car brand, is positioned to appeal to professionals who seek quality, lifestyle, and adventure in their vehicle choices.

The J7 features an All Road Drive Intelligent System (ARDIS) for performance across various terrains.

Also, JAECOO ensures that all its models meet global five-star safety standards, with an energy-absorbing cage body, high strength steel, and advanced Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

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All models are equipped with the 7nm Qualcomm 8155 chip, which provides remarkable computing power and responsiveness, including a 2-second boot-up time and the ability to process over 20
commands in 30 seconds.

This enhances the smart cockpit with smooth operation, and high-speed response capabilities.

The J7 model stands out with its 14.8-inch panoramic screen, full LCD dashboard, and innovative W-HUD head-up display, ensuring a user-centric, fluid interaction.

The exterior design of the J7 showcases JAECOO's craftsmanship and meticulous work by designers from the United Kingdom and Germany.

Its straight body lines and robust contours highlight the "From Classic" off-road style, while modern elements like split-type headlights, floating roof design, and hidden door handles represent the "Beyond Classic" aesthetics.

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