Jaecoo to showcase J7 and J8 PHEVs at Beijing show

BEIJING: The Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, set for April 25, will feature the debut of Jaecoo's new plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), the J7 and J8.

This marks Jaecoo's entry into the new energy market.

Jaecoo, which launched globally last April, has successfully entered over a dozen international markets, including Eastern Europe, Mexico, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia. Jaecoo is an offroad sub-brand under the Chery auto group.

The company is known for its focus on the personalised off-roading secto. Its products, notably the high-end off-road model J7 and the luxury off-road model J8, have garnered popularity among off-road enthusiasts worldwide.

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The upcoming J7 PHEV incorporates the ARDIS (All Road Drive Intelligent System), offering seven driving modes for various terrains like deserts, mud, and snowfields.

It aims to lead in power efficiency, safety, all-terrain capability, smart technology, and outdoor functionality.

The J8 PHEV, building on the capabilities of the existing J8's vector all-wheel drive system, is supported by Jaecoo's new third-generation hybrid off-road platform, enhancing driving control, power, and off-road performance.

These models represent Jaecoo's ambition to redefine the off-road new energy market, offering a more intelligent, efficient, and safe off-roading experience.

This launch is part of Jaecoo's larger strategy to expand globally, adapt operations to local markets, and establish an independent sales and service network.

Jaecoo will also reveal at the Beijing show its global strategy to advance its new energy initiatives.
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