Japan Mobility Show 2023: Lexus LF-ZC battery EV concept

By CARSIFU | 25 October 2023

TOKYO: Lexus debuted a next-generation battery electric vehicle (BEV) production concept LF-ZC at the Japan Mobility Show 2023.

The Japanese luxury automaker said a production version of the LF-ZC (Lexus Future Zero-emission Catalyst) is set for market launch in 2026.

The concept has sleek proportions, a low center of gravity, spacious cabin, and an emotionally charged design.

Also, Lexus said by using next-generation prismatic high-performance batteries, the LF-ZC aims to achieve twice the range of conventional BEVs.

Made with a prismatic structure, the batteries can increase range through improved aerodynamic integration and weight reduction.

The low profile of the battery contributes to increased design flexibility for the vehicles, resulting in a more attractive silhouette.

Also, it offers a low center of gravity for improved driving dynamics.

Additionally, high energy density is achieved by simplifying and compacting the battery structure.

LF-ZC_011_16x9_JPG (Custom)

Lexus is committed to becoming electric brand by 2035, and its next-generation BEVs will achieve more versatile vehicle packaging by minimizing all core components.

The luxury automaker said this translates directly to driving performance, with LF-ZC concept delivering engaging and exhilarating dynamics.

The LF-ZC concept also builds on technologies from Lexus RZ development, such as the all-wheel drive DIRECT4 system and the natural, linear steering feel provided by steer-by-wire.

Meanwhile, a digitalized Intelligent Cockpit features situation-based functionality where customers can access the functions they need, when they need them.

The integration of the new software platform “Arene OS” interface allows continuous updates of functions, including advanced safety technology and multimedia features.

LF-ZC_017_16x9_JPG (Custom)

For a personalized driving experience, the car can adjust performance characteristics such as acceleration and handling, to driver preferences through software-enabled hardware.

Utilizing advanced AI technology, the next-generation voice recognition system provides swift response to voice commands and perceptive suggestions.

In the interior, the Bamboo CMF (Color, Material, Finish) Concept represents Lexus's unique sustainability efforts, focusing on circular resource use.

LF-ZC_interior 01_16x9_JPG (Custom)

Also, next-generation Lexus BEVs will feature a new modular structure formed through gigacasting, which splits the vehicle body into three parts: front, center, and rear.

Positioning the battery in the central section of the vehicle body ensures that the front and rear remain structurally independent.

The production process introduces a self-driving assembly line, where cars can autonomously move to the next stage of assembly.

This enables the vehicle to drive itself with only the battery, motor, tires, and wireless terminal components in the front, center, and rear sections.

The elimination of conveyor belts from the production line provides more flexibility in rearranging the factory layout, enabling a reduction in the production preparation period and significantly reducing factory investment costs.

LF-ZC_004_16x9_JPG (Custom)

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