Japan Mobility Show 2023: Lexus LF-ZL battery EV flagship concept

By CARSIFU | 25 October 2023

TOKYO: Lexus debuted the LF-ZL, a BEV (battery electric vehicle) mobility flagship concept which presents the future vision of the Lexus brand, at the Japan Mobility Show 2023.

The LF-ZL (Lexus Future Zero-emission Luxury) concept is said to represent a future Lexus flagship luxury model, driven by a next-generation BEV architecture and software advancements from the new Arene OS.

The LF-ZL has a spacious and serene cabin with traditional Omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) features.

By harnessing the full capabilities of the Arene OS, Lexus has established advanced information integration that learns and anticipates the driver's needs.

Through “Interactive Reality in Motion”, the car's onboard sensors work in conjunction with digital data from the surroundings.

When drivers point to objects or places of interest during their journey, the car's display promptly delivers information along with voice guidance.

Also, the utilization of big data allows management of the charging process and power supply, enabling the vehicle to connect to the network while parked.

LF-ZL_11_RrQtr2_16x9 png (Custom)

Also, next-generation Lexus BEVs will feature a new modular structure formed through gigacasting, which splits the vehicle body into three parts: front, center, and rear.

Positioning the battery in the central section of the vehicle body ensures that the front and rear remain structurally independent.

The production process introduces a self-driving assembly line, where cars can autonomously move to the next stage of assembly.

This enables the vehicle to drive itself with only the battery, motor, tires, and wireless terminal components in the front, center, and rear sections.

The elimination of conveyor belts from the production line provides more flexibility in rearranging the factory layout, enabling a reduction in the production preparation period and significantly reducing factory investment costs.

LF-ZL_01_Side 16x9 png (Custom)

LF-ZL_04_Top 16x9 png (Custom)

LF-ZL_12_Front_16x9 png (Custom)

LF-ZL_13_Rear_16x9 png (Custom)

LFZL_14_Asset_SideOpen_2 (Custom)

LF-ZL_15_IP_16x9 png (Custom)

LF-ZL_16_Open4Seats_16x9 png (Custom)

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LF-ZL_18_Steering_16x9 png (Custom)

LF-ZL_19_IP_Pside_16x9 png (Custom)