Keeping the rain from ruining your ride and helmet

SHAH ALAM: The ongoing rainy season is wreaking havoc on motorcyclists, making the shine on their machines turn dull and taking a toll on the visibility of the helmet visors.

Home-grown company, IGL Coatings, is offering solutions for these type of issues in the automotive and motorcycle sectors.

IGL Coatings has introduced the Ecoclean AIO Spray and Ecocoat Visor which are formulated specifically for motorcycle and helmet care.

Ecoclean AIO.
Ecoclean AIO.

The Ecoclean AIO Spray offers a waterless wash that simplifies motorcycle and helmet care by cleaning and protecting various surfaces, leaving a glossy finish.

It is also safe for use on ceramic coatings and provides instant protection and shine for paint, metals and plastics.

Ecocoat Visor, designed specifically for helmet visors, uses graphene nanoplatelet technology to repel water, reduce glare and enhance clarity, ensuring safer and more convenient rides.

IGL Helmet Cleaning_A

These products are priced affordably from RM25, making them accessible to motorcycle owners.

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