Kia EV3 to debut by end of 2024

SEOUL: Kia is geared up to launch the fully production-ready EV3 compact SUV by the end of 2024, a key development in its expansive electric vehicle (EV) strategy despite a broader industry slowdown in electric vehicle (EV) sales.

The EV3 concept has already been revealed late last year and it won't be long before the car enters showrooms.

Positioned as a compact and relatively affordable utility vehicle, the EV3 is designed to attract a wide consumer base with a target price of around US$30,000 (RM144,000).

In other words, it's meant as a crowd puller and volume seller in the same way the upcoming Volvo EX30 electric SUV is set up to be.

2024-04-18 15_26_24-The Kia EV3 Concept - NEW CARS _ Kia UK

Using a 400-volt architecture, the EV3 aims to offer a more accessible entry point into the EV market compared to the 800-volt systems used in higher-end models like the EV6 and EV9.

This move is part of Kia's broader ambition to transform into a “sustainable mobility solutions provider,” as stated during its recent CEO Investor Day.

The company plans to increase its global production from 3.2 million units to 4.3 million by 2030, with 58% of these vehicles expected to be electrified. This aligns with Kia's goal to not just expand but also diversify its EV lineup to cater to varying consumer needs.

2024-04-18 15_26_10-The Kia EV3 Concept - NEW CARS _ Kia UK

Kia’s strategy includes the rollout of six hybrid models by the end of this year, with a total of 15 EV models expected by 2027.

The forthcoming models include the already available EV5 in China and upcoming versions of existing models such as the EV6 and the Sportage.

Additionally, new entries like the unannounced EV2 and an electric version of the Kia Carens are set to broaden Kia's EV offerings.

The EV3 is set to compete directly with Chevrolet’s upcoming Bolt EV, which is slated for a 2026 launch.


2024-04-18 15_26_38-The Kia EV3 Concept - NEW CARS _ Kia UK
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