Lamborghini Huracán STJ marks end of V10 engine

BOLOGNA: Lamborghini has unveiled the Huracán STJ, a final homage to its V10 super sports car heritage, with an extremely limited production run of just 10 units.

This announcement marks the end of an era for the iconic V10 engine, a cornerstone of Lamborghini's engineering prowess that has propelled the success of the Huracán series since its debut in 2014.

The Huracán STJ's release precedes the introduction of a new era for Lamborghini, as the manufacturer transitions to a super sports car with a hybrid powertrain by the end of the year.

The Huracán STJ, based on the design of the Huracán STO, represents the peak of performance within the Huracán lineup, incorporating an exclusive performance enhancement package that elevates the racing essence of the Huracán STO to new heights.


The STJ designation—Super Trofeo Jota—pays homage to Lamborghini's one-make championship racing series and a lineage of track-focused models, underpinned by a tradition of excellence in racing car specifications.

Lamborghini's Squadra Corse technicians have developed an aerodynamic package for the STJ, building upon the advanced aerodynamics of the STO with innovations such as the "cofango" and new carbon fiber aerodynamic flicks.

These modifications, including a 3° increase in the rear wing angle, augment the aerodynamic load by 10%, maintaining optimal balance. The Huracán STJ boasts 631hp at 8,000 rpm and 565Nm of torque, managed by a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox, and exclusive rear-wheel drive.

Enhancements extend to the suspension, with four adjustable racing-derived shock absorbers offering customisable setup options based on track conditions, significantly improving mechanical grip.


Bridgestone Potenza Race tyres on 20-inch single-nut rims further optimise driving dynamics, contributing to a noteworthy lap time improvement over the Huracán STO at the Nardò Technical Center Handling Track.

The STJ's aesthetic appeal is equally distinguished, with two bespoke livery configurations crafted by Lamborghini Centro Stile.

Options include a Grigio Telesto body with Nero Noctis roof and accentuating Rosso Mars and Bianco Isi details, or a Blu Eliadi body variant, both featuring interiors of Nero Cosmus Alcantara with contrasting stitching and a unique, numbered carbon fiber plate denoting the vehicle's exclusivity.

Buyers also have the option to customise a plate on the passenger side, adding a personal touch to this rare automotive ride.

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