Lamborghini LB744 gets new monofuselage

BOLOGNA: Italian super sports carmaker Lamborghini has introduced the new monofuselage, a new aeronautics-inspired monocoque concept made entirely of carbon fibre, for its first hybrid plug-in V12 high performance electrified vehicle (HPEV), codenamed LB744.

According to Lamborghini, the monofuselage represents a significant step forward from the Aventador in terms of torsional stiffness, lightweight qualities and driving dynamics.

It features a front structure in forged composites; a special material made of short carbon fibres soaked in resin.

Lamborghini LB744 Carsifu (custom) (1)

What’s more, the LB744 is the first super sports car to be fitted with a 100% carbon fiber front structure: carbon fibre is also used for the front cone structures to ensure a level of energy absorption that is significantly higher when compared to a traditional metal structure – double that of the Aventador Ultimae’s aluminium front frame - combined with a substantial reduction in weight.

The LB744 monofuselage is 10% lighter than the Aventador chassis, and the front frame is 20% lighter than its aluminum predecessor.

Meanwhile, the rear chassis is made of high-strength aluminum alloys and features two important hollow castings in the rear dome area: these integrate the rear suspension’s shock towers and powertrain suspension into a single component with closed inertia profile, guaranteeing a significant reduction in weight, an increase in rigidity and a substantial reduction in welding lines.

Lamborghini LB744 Carsifu (custom) (2)
Lamborghini LB744 Carsifu (custom) (3)
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