Lamborghini Revuelto launched from RM6.5mil

SUBANG JAYA: Lamborghini in Malaysia has launched the highly anticipated Revuelto high-performance V12 plug-in hybrid with all-wheel-drive capability.

The Revuelto is the Italian supercar brand's first V12 hybrid plug-in High Performance Electrified Vehicle (HPEV) that's priced from RM6.5mil (including duties and taxes, without options) and all examples have been spoken for until 2026.

 (From left) Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur Operation Manager Christopher Teoh, Scardaoni and Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. Southeast Asia Area Manager Raffaele Garribba at the event.
(From left) Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur Operation Manager Christopher Teoh, Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. Southeast Asia Area Manager Raffaele Garribba and Scardaoni at the event.

This high-performance plug-in hybrid has a combined output of 1,015PS allowing it to launch from 0 to 100kph in 2.5 seconds with a further 4.5 seconds to 200kph in 7.0 seconds. Top speed has been rated at over 350kph.

The company said the Revuelto has the best power-to-weight ratio in its 60-year history this year at 1.75kg per horsepower.

Lamborghini Reveulto - 01

To accomplish this feat, a new 6.5-litre L545 V12 naturally-aspirated engine sits mid-mounted in the rear and gets further complemented by three additional electric motors.

The 218kg V12 engine is now 17kg lighter and has been rotated 180 degrees compared to the Aventador's layout before getting touted by the company as the most powerful engine it ever created.

With optimisations to the intake, combustion process and an increase in compression ratio from 11.8 (Aventador Ultimae) to 12.6:1, the L545 engine is now able to output 825PS at 9,250rpm and 725Nm of torque at 6,750rpm before red-lining at 9,500rpm.

Lamborghini Reveulto - 31

Each of the three electric motors is able to produce 110kW and 350Nm of torque with the exception of the rear motor that provides 150Nm.

The two front motors mounted on the front axle and a single motor on the rear axle supplement the engine to provide an all-wheel-drive setup with torque-vectoring capabilities.

Powering the motors and situated within the central tunnel is a 3.8kWh lithium-ion battery pack that's able to accept up to 7kW from an AC Charger.

Lamborghini Reveulto - 22

The battery can be recharged from 0 to 100% in 30 minutes although a three-pin wall plug can also get the deed done, albeit over a longer duration.

The battery can also be recharged under regenerative braking from the front wheels or directly from the V12 engine in just six minutes.

When in electric mode, the front motors will pull the Revuelto forward while the rear motor, which also acts as a starter motor and generator, gets activated as and when needed.

Lamborghini Reveulto - 26

The rear motor is located above the new and more compact 193kg eight-speed wet double-clutch transmission.

While being able to supplement the Revualto's forward momentum, the front electric motors are the ones to put this vehicle in reverse.

Furthermore, all three motors can be used for an emission-free drive while rolling on front 20-inch (265/35) and rear 21-inch (345/30) wheels wrapped by Bridgestone Potenza run-flat tyres.

Lamborghini Reveulto - 46

As an added option, larger front 21-inch (265/30) and rear 22-inch (355/25) wheels are available along with Bridgestone Potenza race tyres for track duties.

Stopping power comes from its latest generation Carbon Ceramic Brakes Plus with the front 10-piston calipers and rear four-piston calipers biting down on 410mm (front) and 390mm (rear) discs.

The Revuelto is characterised by its front "shark-nose" section along with a broad monolithic carbon fibre hood that's flanked by Y-shaped LED daytime running lights.

Lamborghini Reveulto - 06

Side fins located behind the front wheel arches help to channel air along the sides directly into the side intakes.

At the rear, the longitudinal engine is fully exposed and roars out the back of a pair of hexagonal exhausts tips.

The carbon fibre roof, while helping to channel air directly to the rear wing, is said to provide greater headroom within the cabin.

Lamborghini Reveulto - 25

The Revuelto's exterior design is said to allow for an increase in front aerodynamic load by 33% and the rear by 74% compared to the Aventador Ultimae (under maximum load conditions).

Inside, the driver-oriented cabin/cockpit is adorned with carbon fibre, utilising the brand's "feel like a pilot" philosophy.

The "spaceship" design for the central air vents brings the eyes to the 8.4-inch vertical touchscreen at the centre while a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and 9.1-inch passenger side display are also included.

Lamborghini Reveulto - 50

The latter two screens are provided with a "swipe" function which can move certain applications to the centre screen.

The steering wheel has been fitted with four rotors adjusting drive modes (Recharge, Hybrid and Performance), the car's lift system and rear wing tilt among others.

The driving modes are combined with City (limits the output to 180hp), Strada, Sport and Corsa (race) for a total of 13 settings.

Lamborghini Reveulto - 52

Against the Aventador Ultimae, the Revuelto now provides 26mm more headroom for those helmet-donning moments out on the track and thanks to the use of a monofuselage, legroom expands by extra 84mm that accords greater space at the cabin's rear bench. Additionally, the frunk has also been expanded.

The entire front structure is entirely made out of carbon fibre while the rear end employs a mix of high-strength aluminium alloys for a 35% increase in torsional rigidity compared to the Aventador.

Other than exposed carbon fibre, the upholstery combines fine leathers with a new ultra-lightweight Corsa-Tex fabric in Dinamica microfibre made from recycled polyester via a water-based production process.

Lamborghini Reveulto - 33

New owners can opt to have it purely wrapped in leather or a combination of Corsa-Tex with 70 colour options available.

For safety, the Italian brand included active lane departure warning for the first time in addition to lane change warning, adaptive cruise control, rear cross-traffic alert and a 360-degree camera system.

"We are thrilled to witness the arrival of the Lamborghini Revualto, a groundbreaking vehicle that redefines the boundaries of performance and electrification in the automotive industry," said Automobili Lamborghini Regional Director (Asia Pacific) Francesco Scardaoni.

Lamborghini Reveulto - 24

Scardaoni also said that demand for Lamborghini supercars in Malaysia has also been strong and is confident the Revuelto would continue to further captivate discerning customers.

Meanwhile, Scardaoni announced the brand's Lanzador electric vehicle would make its debut in 2028.

"The Lanzador will be known as an Ultra GT where it will be lower than a sports utility vehicle, but higher than a GT," he explained.

Lamborghini Reveulto - 07

In response to the Lanzador's late entry, Scardaoni said that the company would like to first see the electrified technology mature further in order to help address its customers' concerns.

"During which, we can have more time to think about how to better combine our internal combustion engine with electrified mobility," he added.
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