Lancia shows signs of life and teases electric Ypsilon before launch

ROME: Italian luxury brand Lancia is preparing its comeback, and after ceasing all activities abroad years ago, the manufacturer plans to unveil a new electric edition of its small Ypsilon later this year for an international launch.

The five-door model, which is about four metres long, will have a new front with striking LED strips for the daytime running lights and a rear with circular lights reminiscent of the legendary Lancia Stratos sports car, Lancia has announced.

The Italian manufacturer confirmed the first details of the car - the company's first product since 2011 - in the run-up to the premiere after the first photos of the model emerged.

In terms of hardware, it largely borrows from fellow Stellantis Group models such as the Fiat 600e and the Opel Corsa, and adopts their 156-hp electric motor and the 54 kWh batteries for a range of around 400 kilometres.

Just like the other small cars from the group, the new Ypsilon also has the option of a combustion engine, at least in theory. However, the company has confirmed that this is ruled out for future Lancia innovations.

Lancia says the next two new model series, set to be launched in 2026 and 2028, will be exclusively electric.

The company's comeback plans, if successful, would see it return from being only present on the Italian market with an ageing Ypsilon to becoming a premium European provider.
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