Late queen's car with handbag tray added to Bentley showcase rooms

LONDON: The latest car to join Bentley's showcase of historic models is the last ever Mulsanne saloon, customised for the late Queen Elizabeth II with a special tray to hold her handbag.

She commissioned the unique interior of the imposing dark green barge which cost an cool £275,000 (RM1.7mil). The bespoke car is not being used by Britain's King Charles III and was returned to the heritage centre by the royal family.

It is now among 45 cars in a collection which displays the history of Bentley models in the luxury English company's factory in Crewe, near Liverpool.

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The front centre armrests were removed to accommodate the queen's handbag while other bespoke features for royal usage included discreetly-concealed sirens, blue warning lamps and a bullhorn. The car also sports the royal coat of arms and rear privacy curtains.

Produced between 2009 and 2020, the Mulsanne features Bentley’s 529 bhp 6.75-litre V8 engine. The bodywork is accented with chrome brightwork, while the iconic Flying B and gleaming 21-inch chrome wheels seem to have been kept in top condition these last few years.

The exterior is combined with a twine and Cumbrian hide interior and there are deep pile lambswool carpets throughout. A cool control panel is home to the buttons which initiate blue police lights, a siren and a bullhorn – all cleverly hidden behind walnut veneer. It's not certain if the features were ever used.

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