Latest Volkswagen patents hint at new model names

MUNICH: Volkswagen has officially registered a slew of new model names which hint that SUV models in the pipeline may be badged as a Taroko, Tempus or Tukan.

The new names were lodged with the German Patent and Trademark Office here in a bid to ensure they are not used by other companies.

Many of Volkswagen's current model names begin with a "T" such as T-Roc, Tiguan and Touareg and it looks like the Wolfsburg maker is keen to continue the tradition.

Other name registered by VW here include Therion, Tamis, Taira, Tyber, Tivas, Tera, Teriam, Therion and Thron.

Whether there will soon be a VW Taroko to admire in showrooms is not certain since manufacturers sometimes register names in order to avoid the competition using them. VW has even lodged a claim to the Tarokko name - a variation with two "ks" in the middle.

Usually only very few of the names registered actually make it onto the boot lid of a real model.

In some cases the monikers could easily be a name for a new colour, a set of floor mats or a virtual assistant. In some cases they apply to a model that is only assigned to a specific market, Germany's Autozeitung magazine has pointed out.

VW also frequently uses its model names throughout the Group. The name Taroko - in three syllables and with a Hispanic sound - could also be associated with a future Seat, or perhaps a Cupra Taroko. It may also be used for a model reserved for Asia, named after Taiwan's the Taroko National Park with its landmark gorge.
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