Learn car design from Frank Stephenson

LONDON: Frank Stephenson - known for his landmark work for BMW, Fiat, MINI, Ferrari and McLaren - has introduced "Learn to Sketch with Frank", an online design course for aspiring designers.

The course by the Frank Stephenson Design creative director offers a gateway to his unique sketching philosophy, focusing on the core principles of creative sketching.

The course is designed for current and emerging designers, providing a roadmap to a career in art and design across sectors.


Stephenson emphasises the importance of human emotion and imagination in design, stating that the beauty of sketching lies in the process of creating, rather than the final piece.

He is responsible for several of the most iconic car designs of recent times including the MINI Cooper, McLaren P1, MP4-12C, Ferrari F430 and the Maserati MC12. He is also credited with designing the first X5 during his stint with BMW.

The course offers over eight hours of exclusive video-streamed content, downloadable PDF tasks and challenges, and personalised reviews. Participants can learn at their own pace.

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They also gain access to quarterly live Q&A sessions on YouTube, providing a direct interaction opportunity with Stephenson himself.

Enrolling in the course also allows them to become part of a global community of like-minded individuals passionate about creativity and design.

The course was recently launched at the Royal College of Art in London. It is available for purchase online from £200 (RM1,150) and can be found at www.swf.frankstephenson.com.

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