Lexus LM 500h Ultra Luxury debuts in Australia

By CARSIFU | 18 January 2024

SYDNEY: The flagship 2024 Lexus LM 500h Ultra Luxury joins the brand's luxury mover lineup in Australia for 2024, priced from A$220,888 (RM682,995).

Lexus said it revolutionises the chauffeured luxury experience for its two rear-cabin occupants with a suite of tech-centric personalised comfort features - as well as plush, lie-flat, sculptured leather-accented seats - to offer a level of indulgence and cocooned refinement normally experienced at 35,000 feet.

"The LM 500h Ultra Luxury redefines luxury mobility," said Lexus Australia CEO John Pappas.

"The thoughtful appointments, Takumi craftsmanship and serene cabin make the all-new LM 500h Ultra Luxury the new benchmark for personalised chauffeured travel."

The LM 500h Ultra Luxury is powered by an intelligent 2.4-litre turbocharged four-cylinder hybrid engine offering more than 202kW and all-wheel drive.

With just two luxuriously appointed captain's chairs in the rear, occupants are granted a huge amount of room, with 1018mm between the occupant's hip point and the front partition which can be closed at the touch of a button for full privacy.

2024 Lexus LM 500h Ultra Luxury (1) (Custom)

The leather-accented rear seats can slide forward and backwards by 480mm, with the seat backs reclining up to 63 degrees and the ottoman extending to provide a fully flat seat experience.

Just like a first-class airplane seat, the seat may be returned to the upright position at the push of a single button.

Comfort is further enhanced with seat heating extending to the armrests and ottoman, seat ventilation and seat massaging.

Independent temperature control adjusts the climate control for each occupant, further refined with the targeted adjustment function which uses a warmth-sensing infrared ray matrix sensor in the rear seats to determine the temperature of specific body areas (for example; face, chest, upper leg, lower leg) and adjusts the various climate functions accordingly to provide the ideal cabin temperature.

A large-capacity refrigerator integrated into the partition keeps drinks cool and is powered by a low-noise compressor to maintain cabin quietness.

2024 Lexus LM 500h
2024 Lexus LM 500h

The LM 500h Ultra Luxury's cabin can also turn into a place to conduct business with stowable tables integrated into the outer armrests, ideal for resting a notebook or laptop.

A glovebox in front of each rear seat provides integrated storage options, along with two small item storage compartments in the centre console. A wireless phone charger and two USB-C connecting ports offer charging options.

A massive 48-inch widescreen, the largest ever offered on a vehicle in Australia, creates a mobile cinema experience when watching movies. It may also be configured as an interactive screen for business meetings on the go.

The screen may operate as a single widescreen, a standard aspect ratio screen, or split into two separate screens with integrated headphone auxiliary inputs offering each occupant their own personalised audio visual experience.

Disconnect the headphones and a 23-speaker Mark Levinson Reference 3D Surround Sound System offers acoustics to transform the rear cabin into a concert hall.

2024 Lexus LM 500h Ultra Luxury (3) (Custom)

All seat, media and cabin functions are operated through individual touchscreen tablets conveniently placed at the end of the rear console armrest of each chair.

Occupants may control natural light levels by adjusting the sunshades on the individual left and right glass panels mounted in the roof, sliding door glass and rear quarter glass.

Ambient cabin lighting can also be set in 64 different mood colours, while stylish shadowy illumination geometric patterns are projected in the rear footwells.

Takumi craftsmanship is showcased in the overhead console, trimmed with a fine 3D-printed Yabane ornamentation which houses the reading lamps and vanity mirrors. Additionally, the rear cabin features an integrated umbrella stand next to the sliding doors.

Extensive sound-suppressing measures ensure occupants are quietly cocooned from tyre, wind and other outside noise.

Rear seat ingress and egress is made easy with the help of grab handles and exterior steps which stow away into the vehicle when not in use.

2024 Lexus LM 500h Ultra Luxury (5) (Custom)

2024 Lexus LM 500h Ultra Luxury (6) (Custom)

2024 Lexus LM 500h Ultra Luxury (7) (Custom)