Lexus UX 300e makes Guangzhou debut as brand's first EV

GUANGZHOU: Lexus will introduce its first battery electric vehicle (BEV), the UX 300e, at the 2019 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition in China (Nov 22 to Dec 1).

As the first production model under the Lexus Electrified banner, the all-electric UX 300e has a electric motor producing 204ps and 300Nm of torque and a 54.3 kWh lithium Ion battery that delivers a driving range of up to 400km.

It is due to go on sale in the Chinese and European markets in 2020, and in Japan early in 2021.

The batteries are equipped with a temperature management system that operates at low and high ambient temperatures.

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Reliability is also increased with the use of multiple monitoring systems that regulate charging and prevent conditions like overcharging.

Also, by linking to a smartphone using a dedicated app, drivers can check the battery state of charge and driving range.

Charging controls are also included such as timer function to inform the owner when the vehicle will be fully charged or to schedule the charging according to when the vehicle is expected to be driven next.

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The app also allows the owner to remotely control various convenience functions such as the A/C, seat heaters, and window defrosters.

A Drive Mode Select function lets drivers manage smooth acceleration and deceleration according to their situation.

It is said to deliver excellent dynamic performance thanks to the low center of gravity resulting from motor and battery placement underneath the vehicle body.

A focus on sound management lets drivers enjoy comfortable tranquility in the cabin, and Active Sound Control (ASC) transmits natural ambient sounds to allow for understanding of driving conditions.

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