Lotus Emeya completes final stage of intensive test and development programme

LONDON: The Lotus Emeya hyper-GT has successfully completed the final phase of its intensive test and development program, taking place in demanding conditions worldwide.

The electric vehicle endured rigorous testing in extreme environments, including Ivalo, Finland, where temperatures plummeted to as low as -40 degrees Celsius inside a specialised automotive 'freezer.' This phase marked the culmination of a comprehensive three-year program spanning 15 countries across two continents, supported by Lotus' global engineering teams.

Testing encompassed a variety of terrains and conditions, ranging from the challenging B-roads of the UK to the high-speed loops near Nardò, Italy.

The Emeya hyper-GT also underwent testing at iconic race tracks like the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Additionally, the vehicle was subjected to extreme heat conditions reaching 40 degrees Celsius in environments like Inner Mongolia.


During the Arctic testing, engineers focused on evaluating various aspects of the vehicle's performance, including chassis systems, tyre development, driver assistance functions, and battery usability in extreme weather conditions.

The aim was to ensure stability, handling, and comfort across diverse driving scenarios.

Two types of testing were employed during the development process: controlled and real-world testing.

Controlled testing provided consistent conditions for accurate evaluations, while real-world testing validated these results in dynamic environments, ensuring that the Emeya hyper-GT maintains the driving characteristics synonymous with Lotus.

The development program not only targeted meeting global regulatory standards but also emphasised preserving the essence of a true Lotus driving experience.

As Lotus transitions into an all-electric, tech-focused luxury performance brand, maintaining the brand's identity remains a core objective.

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