Lynk & Co becomes world's fastest-selling new brand

By CARSIFU | 30 January 2019

GOTHENBURG (Sweden): In the space of three years, Lynk & Co has gone from being an idea from Gothenburg, Sweden, to becoming the world’s fastest-growing brand.

The company announced that at the end of 2018, it had opened 221 retail shops and sold 120,414 cars in China alone.

The China-based carmaker made it known that it has abandoned the traditional automotive concept of base models, entry points and endless options lists.

Also, it has made the traditional showroom experience redundant with a focus on unique retail stores that offer visitors open surroundings that include a café-bar, cinema and children’s play area.

The focus now shifts to the company's expansion into the European market which are set to open in 2020 within the continent’s urban districts of Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Stockholm, London and Barcelona.

“Three years ago Lynk & Co started off as just an idea founded on principles unheard of within the industry. We are proud at the speed of our growth so far and excited by our launch into Europe, the journey is well under way. So continue to expect the unexpected as we are picking up the speed,” said Lynk & Co international CEO Alain Visser.