Omoda and Jaecoo to unveil new products, new technologies

As the global energy transition accelerates, Omoda and Jaecoo aim to fully leverage its product and technological potential with the launch of new technologies such as the highly bionic gait-walking robot,  Mornine.


The eagerly anticipated Beijing International Automotive Exhibition kicked off in grand style with Omoda and Jaecoo showcasing a groundbreaking new energy-inspired lineup under the theme "New Products + New Technologies + New Ecosystem", heralding the transition into the era of new energy.

Last year, the Omoda and Jaecoo brand made a high-speed debut, with global exports exceeding 160,000 vehicles, with customers from over 40 countries.

Notably, the Jaecoo series launched in April last year embraced the value proposition "From Classic, Beyond Classic", unlocking a new off-road experience and exploring the world's extreme environments with its users.

New Products, New Technologies, New Ecosystem

As the global energy transition accelerates, Omoda and Jaecoo aim to fully leverage its product and technological potential.

The Beijing International Automotive Exhibition will feature the fearless J7 PHEV and J8 PHEV as prime examples of embracing the energy transition. The J7's success in the global market has already proven the Jaecoo series' ability to disrupt the traditional off-road paradigm.

Today, based on global standards, Jaecoo has crafted an entirely new energy series. With the support of J7 PHEV and J8 PHEV, through a matrix approach, Jaecoo aims to strengthen its category advantage in the new energy off-road market segment.

The J7 PHEV will advance the technology of new energy off-road vehicles, based on its existing All Road Drive Intelligent System (ARDIS), focusing on power modes, energy conservation, safety, off-road four-wheel drive, smart technology and outdoor living.

In addition to inheriting the J8's vector four-wheel drive system's calm off-road performance and luxurious driving experience, the J8 PHEV reaches the pinnacle of the new energy off-road market segment with the support of Jaecoo's new third-generation hybrid off-road platform, reshaping the value system of the new energy off-road market.

Ultimately, competition in the new energy vehicle industry boils down to a competition of technology. In the new energy era, Omoda and Jaecoo continues to prioritise technology, placing technological breakthroughs and innovations at the forefront of product development, to pursue disruptive and integrative innovations.

Omoda and Jaecoo will also showcase the latest new energy technologies at the upcoming new product press conference, as they are set to release several new energy technologies, including the third-generation PHEV hybrid that aims to challenge and exceed user expectations of hybrid products, unleashing competitive power with hardcore technology.

Unveiling the world’s first highly bionic gait-walking robot 

Omoda and Jaecoo seeks to build an ecological link with users that extends to "more than just cars", which is why the companies have developed various ecological systems including "Tech Life", "Fashion Life" and "Off-Road Life".

These systems actively synergise with camping and modification, offering users a more diversified and personalised automotive experience with ecological value.

During the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, Omoda and Jaecoo will hold a grand ecological press conference at its headquarters in Wuhu, China, officially releasing the world's first highly bionic gait-walking robot, Mornine.

 Mornine is the world's first highly bionic gait-walking robot developed by Chery Automobile.
Mornine is the world's first highly bionic gait-walking robot developed by Chery Automobile.

Reportedly, Mornine is the world's first highly bionic gait-walking robot developed by Chery Automobile, the parent company of Omoda and Jaecoo, in collaboration with strategic partner AiMOGA.

Mornine will be electric-powered and positioned as a humanoid intelligent service bipedal robot, incorporating innovative uses of various biomimetic materials to closely replicate the digital human image.

In line with the implementation of Mornine, Omoda and Jaecoo have devised a "three-step" strategy aimed at gradually refining the technology and diversifying the functionalities, transitioning from a smart service expert in retail stores to a wise companion in household life, with a focus on in-depth development and optimisation for specific application scenarios.

During the event, Mornine will engage in direct multimodal interactions with the guests at the press conference, offering a rich AI interaction performance and an immersive experience that allows the attendees to fully appreciate the intelligent allure of the future.

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