Lynk & Co enters South-East Asia: First stop Vietnam

HANOI: Vietnam is Lynk & Co's first foray into South-East Asia as it eyes expansion into the region.

The Geely sub-brand had on Dec 16 celebrated the opening of its flagship store in Hanoi, marking a significant step in the company's growth.

Working with local partner Greenlynk, Lynk & Co aims to establish a strong presence in the Vietnamese automotive market. Greenlynk is a subsidiary of Tasco Group, a Vietnamese construction and engineering company.

This move follows the brand's success in the Middle East Gulf countries and signals a new phase in its global development.

Since debuting its first model, the Lynk & Co 01, in late 2017, the company has achieved a remarkable milestone by surpassing one million vehicles sold in less than six years.


Lynk & Co's product line-up spans SUVs, sedans, and both conventional and new energy models.

The brand's success is attributed to its user-centric approach, as reflected in its global presence, including clubs in European countries and a growing footprint in the Middle East.

A 09 SUV, based on Volvo XC90 underpinnings, was showcased at the Hanoi store opening.

For 2024, Lynk & Co's plans include opening in Ho Chi Minh City, establishing a presence in the Philippines, entering more Arab nations and exploring new markets in Central Asia.

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