Lynk & Co's flagship Z10 makes global debut

GOTHENBURG: Lynk & Co has launched its flagship Z10 electric sedan here.

Sources indicate the Z10 is expected to be priced above 200,000 yuan (RM130,000).

The new model features Lynk & Co's second-generation design language.

It has a large body size (5028mm x 1966mm x 1468mm) with a 3005mm wheelbase, achieving a striking visual impact with a 1.34 golden ratio of width to height. In fact, it is slightly bigger than the popular Xiaomi SU7 sold in China.

The innovative Aerodramatic design concept, including an active shutter, shoulder line of flowing light, and active spoiler, ensures an impressive drag coefficient of 0.198 Cd.

The interior of the Z10 draws inspiration from a spaceship, creating a futuristic cabin. The cockpit features a sci-fi-inspired dashboard, a narrow 12.3:1 ultra-long screen, and an AR head-up display for enhanced driving information visibility.

The Z10, with an 800V architecvture, offers a maximum pure electric range of over 800km and fast charging capabilities. A 15-minute charge can increase the range by 573 km. Its dual silicon carbide motors enable a 0-100kph acceleration in just 3.5 seconds.

Lynk & Co said the Z10 meets the most rigorous safety standards in China and Europe. It features a high-strength body structure and advanced battery protection systems. It will come standard with lithium iron phosphate battery packs.

The Z10 has undergone extensive side pole crash tests, evaluating 30 points along the battery pack, enabling it to withstand impacts of up to 65 tons, significantly enhancing battery safety.

It will be available as rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive variants.

The rear-wheel drive variant comes with a 200 kW electric motor in front and 310 kW rear motor; the more powerful four-wheel drive version gets a 270 kW front motor and a rear 310 kW motor.
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