Mahle sets global standard for wireless charging

STUTTGART: Automotive supplier Mahle says it has received global recognition for its innovative wireless charging solution in a groundbreaking development for electric vehicle (EV) charging technology.

The company's positioning system, known as Differential Inductive Positioning System (DIPS), has been endorsed by SAE International, a renowned US non-profit association dedicated to advancing mobility technologies.

This endorsement solidifies Mahle's technology as the global standard for wireless charging, addressing a critical gap in the standardisation of inductive charging that has persisted for a decade.

Wireless charging of EVs is much more convenient as there is no need to fiddle with cables or search for a charging station with a suitable plug.

The Mahle DIPS represents a big shift in the field of e-mobility.

Unlike traditional cable-based charging, the system uses a magnetic field to automatically establish a connection with the charging point as the EV approaches.

The positioning process is facilitated by a specialised navigation system in the vehicle display, ensuring precise alignment for efficient charging. Notably, the system accommodates autonomous parking vehicles, providing positioning instructions to the parking system instead of the driver, even under challenging environmental conditions like snow or wet leaves.

SAE International's decision is seen as a pivotal moment for the widespread adoption of wireless charging for batteries, electric, and hybrid vehicles.

Mahle's cross-manufacturer solution paves the way for a rapid market launch of this attractive alternative to traditional wired charging.

MAHL management board chairman and CEO Arnd Franz expressed confidence in the company's ability to set standards and highlighted the significance of SAE's endorsement in boosting e-mobility.

For the wireless charging of electric vehicles, all components relating to both the infrastructure and the vehicle side must be standardised. Only then can both the vehicle manufacturers and the infrastructure providers bring a solution to market that ensures compatibility regardless of the manufacturer

Mahle plans to make its wireless charging solution accessible to the entire industry through a licensing model under fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory conditions.

This approach aims to ensure compatibility among different manufacturers, allowing for a unified solution that benefits both vehicle manufacturers and infrastructure providers.

Looking ahead, the Mahle DIPS's broad applicability opens the door to future mobile applications, such as charging via induction coils while driving.

Collaborative efforts with partners like Siemens and Witricity further strengthen Mahle's position in advancing the complete system of charging infrastructure and automotive engineering.
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