Malaysia ranks 23rd on Waze 2016 Global Driver Satisfaction Index

By CARSIFU | 13 September 2016

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian drivers are ranked 23rd in the world on the Waze 2016 Global Driver Satisfaction Index. But it is also considered the best place to drive in Asean.

The Netherlands comes out on top with an average satisfaction score of 7.54 with France and America coming second and third respectively. Propping up the table is El Salvador who rank as the worst place to drive in the world based on this index with a satisfaction score of 2.85, they are followed closely by Guatemala and the Philippines.

Malaysia’s ranking has slipped from last year to 23rd which puts it in the lower end of the satisfaction index. However out of all global countries, Malaysia scored highly on road quality with the country posting a road quality satisfaction of 9.03, the 6th best score in the world and way and above the global average of 6.71.

Malaysia’s slip down the rankings was due to further countries being added that ranked higher. Additionally, the Wazeyness, Road Safety and Traffic Indices indicated drops from the previous year.



Among the 235 cities and towns in Malaysia, Central Malacca was the highest ranked  city, coming in at 94 for the driving satisfaction index.

Other cities and towns that followed are Kuala Terengganu (97), Kuala Muda (105), Kota Baru (124), Kuching (131), Kuantan (134), Kuala Lumpur (137), Kinta (138), Batu Pahat (139), Johor Baru (140), Kota Kinabalu (164) and Larut and Matang (166).

Malaysia is one of four Asean countries featured in the index. Singapore, Indonesia and The Philippines were ranked 32, 34 and 37 respectively.

Meanwhile, Cebu in The Philippines was listed as the worst place to drive in the world.

The overall Driver Satisfaction Index is made by analysing millions of monthly active Waze users in 38 countries and 235 metros to critique their traffic conditions, road safety, driver services, road quality, socio economic climate & Wazeyness from satisfying (10) to miserable (1).

While Waze has more than 65 million monthly active users globally in 185 countries, this report only focuses on countries and metros with more than 20,000+ monthly active users to ensure data accuracy and fair market comparisons.
This data is then used to compile a global and national snapshots. Here's Waze findings:

Top 10 Country Rankings;
1 - Netherlands
2 - France
3 - United States
4 - Czech Republic
5 - Sweden
6 - United Arab Emirates
7 - Latvia
8 - Hungary
9 - Slovakia
10 - Italy