Malaysian embarks on solo trip around the world in his Perodua Kenari

PETALING JAYA: A Sarawakian has started his solo trip around the world in his trusty Perodua Kenari on May 1. The journey is expected to take three years.

Jack Voon Kuet Fei, 47, says the expedition is expected to span 200,000km, covering over 108 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and South America.

The flag-off for his trip took place in Kuantan, Pahang and was hosted by Pahang exco member and its unity, tourism and culture committee chairman Leong Yu Man.

As a digital and social media content creator, Voon has always dreamed of travelling the world since he was young.

In his proposal, "Bringing Malaysia to the World", Voon stated that the objective of his journey is to introduce Malaysia to the world, and foster unity and friendship through cultural exchange.

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"In this programme, I will be documenting my journey and creating educational and promotional videos. I am hopeful this programme will build an opportunity to unite people, broaden our horizons and instil the spirit of adventure while promoting Malaysia to the world,” said Voon, who is from Kuching.

He estimates the trip will cost him about RM860,000, which covers 12 categories of expenses including telecommunications, fuel, meal, accommodation, insurance, vaccines and visa fees.

On his choice of car, he said the Kenari is economical and safe.

His car has been equipped with travelling essentials, including a solar panel, mini fridge, mini stove, spare battery, heating system and halogen headlights.

The back seat of his white car is outfitted with cabinets to store items, while the roof has been transformed into a sleeping cabin capable of withstanding low temperatures.

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"The sleeping cabin can endure temperatures as low as negative 40ºC. Additionally, the back seat is fitted with a mini stove where I can prepare meals,“ he said in a video posted on his Facebook.

According to his travel log on Facebook, his car was struck by an unknown party when he was in Kuala Terengganu on May 2.

"While packing items in my car at a car park, I noticed my back light was damaged. I don’t know who did it, nor did the person leave their contact number. It looks like I'll have to pay for the damage.“

However, Voon will certainly not let this small hiccup hamper his journey of a lifetime.

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The taillight of Voon's Kenari was damaged by unknown persons either by accident or out of malice. But Voon says the minor problem will not stop him from starting the journey of a lifetime.
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