Malaysians rush to install RFID tags on cars ahead of free offer expiry

A BMW X5 gets stickered on the headlamp.


UPDATE:  Last day to install the RFID tag for free is Feb 11, not Feb 14. TnG announced on Feb 10 that Feb 12-14 dates are no longer available as the three days would be used for 'system maintenance." See latest story.


PETALING JAYA: People started crowding at a Touch n' Go (TnG) fitment centre a day after news that TnG  Sdn Bhd would start charging RM35 for RFID tag installation from Feb 15.

They began gathering at the Kelana Jaya fitment centre at the Giant hypermarket at 10am, an hour earlier before opening hours.

The RFID tag , which contains an embedded radio-frequency chip, is used as an electronic payment system when going through toll plazas. TnG said on Thursday that its RFID tags will be priced at RM35 from Feb 15.

An employee at the TnG outlet here said he expected the next one week to be extra busy as Malaysians rushed to get the tags fitted on their cars ahead of the free offer expiry.

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One customer said he came straight away after reading that the free offer was set to end on Feb 14. "Normal, lah. Malaysian culture (to do things at the last minute)," he said with a laugh.

Some car owners especially the elderly sought the help of the TNG staff to download the TnG ewallet app and pre-register their car details online.

A visit at 4pm today to another fitment centre at the Taman Tun Dr Ismail Petronas station in Kuala Lumpur also saw a sizeable crowd seeking the free installation.

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The tag is stuck either to the windscreen or headlight depending on the type of car. The tag sticker should not be placed on tinted surfaces if it is to work properly.

From the perspective of a car owner, the installation was simple and quick. The installer sprays a liquid on either the top of the windscreen or the headlight and put the sticker there before testing signal strength using a handheld RFID reader. He may then reposition the sticker if the RFID reader doesn't pick up a clear signal.

If the installer get it right the first time, the job could be completed in less than a minute. Otherwise, it will be a few minutes longer.

The instructional video clip above shows what is required to have the RFID tag installed on a car.

TnG_RFID_Feb_2020 (1)
TnG_RFID_Feb_2020 (40)

The tag normally lasts five years and the car owner has to return to have it replaced after that, said an installer. He also said the car owner should also bring the car back to the fitment centre to have the windscreen tag replaced should the glass be broken.

The RFID fitment centres are located only in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Baru as well as in Selangor, which has the most number of such centres. Many are temporary pop-up counters at petrol stations.

Opening and closing hours vary so check with TnG at +603-2714 8888 or reach out via its Facebook or Twitter account. You can also e-mail the company at
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