MAN Malaysia hands over first double-decker coach with ADAS

PENANG: MAN Truck & Bus (M) Sdn Bhd (MAN Malaysia) has handed over the first MAN double-decker coach with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to leading express bus company Super Nice Express Sdn Bhd.

The new coach is part of a total of 10 new MAN coaches comprising five double-decker and five single deck units, all equipped with ADAS, ordered by Super Nice as it prepares to meet the growing demand for inter-state road travel.

The coach is built on MAN’s proven RR5 three-axle coach chassis and equipped with seven key driver assistance systems for optimum safety of the driver and passengers.

Super Nice's new MAN Double-decker Coach with ADAS_3
1. Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
In emergency situations, EBA works in three stages to intervene automatically to reduce torque, activate brake lights, deactivate cruise control, build up brake pressure and initiate full braking, if necessary, to prevent or reduce severity of collisions.

2. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
ACC is designed to prevent accidents by maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles in heavy traffic and low visibility driving conditions. The radar sensor considers the movement of the vehicles ahead, maintains the desired speed, and automatically adjusts the driving speed and distance.

3. Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
LDW reduces the strain on the driver in long journeys as the camera continuously detects left and right lane markings and issues an acoustic or haptic warning if the vehicle drives over the lane marking without the turn signal switched on.

Zero Gravity Seats and plenty of leg room in the upper deck seating area
4. Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
ESP reduces the possibility of rollovers in emergency manoeuvres. Sensors monitor the vehicle's speed, steering input, and individual wheel speeds and selectively applies braking to specific wheels to help the driver maintain control and stability at all times.

5. Tyre Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System (TPM)
TPM’s sensors mounted inside the tyres enables continuous monitoring of tyre pressure and temperature and warn the driver of any deviation. This can help reduce downtime from workshop visits and lower fuel consumption from under-inflated tyres.Temperature monitoring can also help avoid overheating of tyres that may result in fires or ruptures.

6. Automatic Driving Light Activation (ADLA)
ADLA’s sensor continuously detects the ambient brightness level and automatically adjust the headlamps to ensure optimum road illumination and visibility in all lighting conditions to reduce strain on the driver.

7. Automatic Wiper Control (AWC)
AWC automatically activates windscreen wipers when raindrops are detected to improve visibility, especially in heavy rain.

There are only four Royal Signature Private Rooms and they are equipped with Zero Gravity Seats
Super Nice’s new double-decker coach also features an updated TX9 body design by Penang-based coach body builder, TACT Coach Seat & Manufacturing Sdn Bhd.

Passengers who opt for private rooms onboard can look forward to travelling in unique zero gravity seats that promise optimal blood circulation and less body aches and enjoy amenities such as their own personal entertainment systems, USB charging and a cold and hot water dispenser.

MAN Malaysia managing director Andrew O’Brooks praised Super Nice for its commitment to road safety by specifying a comprehensive suite of ADAS for each of its new MAN coaches.

Personal entertainment system for private room passengers

“Super Nice is demonstrating great foresight in protecting not only its drivers and customers by opting to equip its MAN coaches with ADAS.

“In doing so, it is also protecting its business as these advanced and intelligent driving systems can prevent accidents that can lead to costly repairs and unscheduled vehicle downtime,” he said.

O’Brooks also said all MAN Coach and Bus chassis from this year would be equipped with low-emission and fuel-efficient EURO V engines as standard to help Malaysian bus companies embark on the sustainability journey.

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