MARii working to strengthen technicians' EV skills

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii) is tackling the rising complexity of electric vehicle (EV) systems through a series of measures.

Chief executive officer Azrul Reza Aziz said the goal is to fortify technicians' proficiency and elevate service standards in EV repairs and the EV aftermarket sector.

"MARii foresees the future of the repair segment within the EV industry in Malaysia evolving to meet the increasing complexity of EV systems."

Azrul Reza said his agency would be involved in training, skill development and collaboration with industry stakeholders such as car workshops, EV manufacturers, remanufacturing centres, authorised automotive treatment centres, academia and government agencies.

Azrul Reza said that through knowledge-sharing and development of industry standards, MARii would help improve EV repair and servicing standards in the country.

MARii would also set up robust waste disposal standards to check greenhouse gas emissions, and promote a "closed-loop" system in the automotive sector, he added.
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