Maserati deals up 730hp track-focused MCXtrema

MODENA: Maserati unveiled on Tuesday the MCXtrema, a track-only race car with a production limited to 62 units, heralding its return to the racing circuit.

The MCXtrema, which is not homologated for road use, is powered by a 730-hp 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 engine derived from the Maserati Nettuno engine. This vehicle represents a bold development step for Maserati, evolving from the MC20 super sports car.

The MCXtrema's development included extensive virtual analysis and real-world testing, with its first official outing taking place in February at the Autodromo Varano de' Melegari in Parma, Italy. It will be undergoing a series of tests until late April, aiming at the delivery of the first model, planned for late summer 2024.


Chief test driver Andrea Bertolini has been refining its performance through dynamic simulations and track testing.

Maserati used over 200 hours in the dynamic simulator and 1,000 hours of virtual analysis to ensure the MCXtrema's design met rigorous aerodynamic and performance standards.

The collaboration between the Virtual Analysis team and the Powertrain Calibration team was crucial in managing the power of the Nettuno engine and ensuring the car's performance mirrored the simulator's validations.


Described by Bertolini as a "perfect blend of mechanics and aerodynamics", the MCXtrema prioritises driver-focused design, featuring a cockpit inspired by fighter jets and Formula 1 cars.

Maserati has introduced the MCXlusiva customisation programme for MCXtrema customers, offering a tailor-made experience from the car's inception.

This program includes options for custom livery in the exclusive Blue Xtrema colour, wheel rim colours, seat versions, and personalised interior plates, allowing owners to imprint their identity on the car.


Additionally, Maserati has launched the MCXperience, a suite of services for MCXtrema owners. This includes access to an exclusive club, on-track experiences with professional drivers and technicians, and a concierge service, further enhancing the ownership experience of Maserati's most potent track car to date.

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