Mazda CX-80 set for April 18 debut in Europe

COLOGNE: Mazda is gearing up to introduce the all-new Mazda CX-80, a three-row SUV, on April 18.

Positioned as the second vehicle built on Mazda’s Large Architecture platform following the CX-60, the CX-80 will be the most expansive and flagship model in Mazda’s European lineup.

It boasts a length of almost 5m and a wheelbase exceeding 3m, significantly surpassing the CX-60 in size and stature.

Targeted mainly at the Japanese and European markets, the CX-80 contrasts with the North American-focused CX-90. Unlike the similar wide-body CX-70 and CX-90 models, the CX-80 is a narrow-body vehicle, appearing as an elongated version of the CX-60 with distinct bodywork to cater for third-row seating.

Mazda will offer the CX-80 in multiple seating configurations, including a six-seater version with upscale captain’s chairs and a centre console in the second row, alongside the traditional seven-seater setup.

Both options will feature third-row seats that can fold flat to increase versatility.

Key features of the new Mazda SUV will include Mazda Connected Services and an option for a new paint colour, Artisan Red (a darker shade of Mazda's Soul Red), enhancing both connectivity and style.

The introduction of the CX-80 is part of Mazda's strategy to refresh its SUV lineup, replacing the outgoing CX-8 and CX-9 models.

Presales for the CX-80 are slated to begin in May 2024, with dealership arrivals expected by autumn of the same year.

As part of its market strategy, Mazda aims to offer diverse model options in certain regions, like Australia, where customers can choose from all four Large Architecture-based models (CX-60, CX-70, CX-80, and CX-90).

This approach is meant to cater to varying customer preferences in size, packaging, and design, despite some product overlap.
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