MHero 1: A new Chinese monster SUV rumbles into Europe

GENEVA: China is sending another new radical electric SUV into the European fray in the shape of the brawny MHero 1 from Dongfeng.

Standing at at just under five metres long, the new off-roader is not only one of the biggest of its kind, but also stands out from the crowd with its martial design.

The MHero looks as if it rolled straight out of an army barracks and its aggressive visuals even include interior door handles shaped like hand guns.

The rear lights resemble jet engine thrusters and the chunky automatic shift stick is described as "aircraft style".

2024-04-23 16_00_49-Dongfeng Motor MHERO

The features are unlikely to detract from sales success in its first European market of Switzerland, which prides itself on defence readiness. Buyers there will certainly get a lot of bang for their bucks.

Urge comes from four electric motors delivering a peak output of 800 kW, or around 1,088 hp. However, the price could be an issue, since the MHero retails at 148,990 Swiss francs (RM783,000).

When charging, the SUV is rather sluggish too with just 11 kW on alternating current and 100kW on direct current. Range is given as 750km.

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The large battery has another disadvantage.


It pushes the permissible overall weight up to 3.9 tonnes, which forces car drivers in some markets into the passenger seat since their regular car licence will not allow them to drive.

Dongfeng said it was hoping for a new regulation that will raise the limit to 4.2 tonnes.

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