MINI Mixed Reality fuses virtual reality with real-world driving

MUNICH: MINI has launched MINI Mixed Reality, an advanced technology that combines virtual reality with real-world driving.

This new system allows drivers to immerse themselves in the MINI universe while operating an actual MINI vehicle, using a VR headset to display a vibrant, virtual world integrated seamlessly with the real environment outside through camera streams.

This fusion of physical and digital experiences offers a novel dimension to the driving experience.

The technology behind MINI Mixed Reality includes a high-end PC that runs a custom-designed MINI VR World, which streams directly to the VR headset.


The system also features tracking, acceleration, sound, and vehicle interface devices that synchronise to deliver a unique driving experience.

In addition, MINI Mixed Reality is being used by the BMW Group for testing and validation purposes, including user studies related to automated driving.

This technology also opens up new possibilities for gaming integrations and potential industry partnerships.

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